How to answer why are you on a dating site 9 Answers for the Online Dating Questions Everyone Asks

How to answer why are you on a dating site, answer honestly

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Try eHarmony for free today! Did you write an extremely long profile? This is the measured approach, giving a good, philosophical reason, without being too blunt.

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Replying as soon as you can is the way to go. Thread Tools Show Printable Version.

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Without fail, I get a response along the lines of looking to meet new people, bored with who they know and how they meet people, expanding their social circle, seeing what's out there, etc. Need help with eHarmony. So tell them you are looking for signs of intelligent life, or aliens.

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If both parties are on the same page in terms of overall dating goal, great. If you were asked how you were doing, you should answer the question and then ask back about how the other person is doing.

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To some people, yes. Did you try to use sarcasm? Just as long as the question is not about your personal details like your home address or your bank account details. By answering this, youre implying that you expect sex during that time frame. For sure, you would move on and forget about that mail and the person.

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Alot of guys that age wont want to admit this stuff. Am I really being matched with someone specifically for me, or is it all random chance? Sometimes, messages from two different profiles will sound similar. But I'm not ok with someone who wants to fvck around while they ponder what they actually want. This answer might just give the asker something to think about.

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A lot of sites ask some very basic questions, like whether you smoke or what religion you are. You DO know how to do that, don't you? First, it is always important that you check out the profiles of the people sending you messages.

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If not, move on. A Love Storyout today in paperback.

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How to Answer a Response. Maybe I'll just want to hook up with her casually.

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I'm 23 How about this: