I am dating a team magma grunt Dating a team magma grunt

I am dating a team magma grunt

Good luck Gooberman, return safe and soon.

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If the standard formula is followed, the girl gets used so much by the blackmailer that she ends up basically being broken and liking the abuse, and by the time her significant other finds out she's too far gone to care.

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Log in or sign up in seconds. Now I'm extremely sad. Their romance is almost as perfect as Gold and Silver's, but that's a very high bar to pass.

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You won't be able to vote or comment. That was pretty cute, I really liked it.

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No one will take my comic away from me! For a second, I thought Brendan took her wallet with the intend to extort some cash.

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Military service there is different. The best comic out there is down for 2 years?

Tropes used in this work:

I hope the author does OK. Help out by pledging on Patreon! Kissmanga is known for ripping translated manga from other sites and displaying it on their site with ads, and not linking back to source or omitting the credits pages for scanlations.

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Eh, NTR is a little heavier than just being cheated on. On a serious note I really hope everything goes well in the army for Gooberman and nothing unfortunate befalls him. They're still really cool though IMHO.

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