Is exo baekhyun still dating snsd taeyeon EXO member Baekhyun and Taeyeon seen together in Hawaii; did they go on a date?

Is exo baekhyun still dating snsd taeyeon


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Please shut up your fucking mouse Although it's very late. Baekhyun's glasses were sponsored ," " Shit, the glasses, lolololol the brand is different but if they're round, that automatically makes them a couple? Each and every one of you are precious to me and cut and paste dating profile me strength.

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However, some fans were quick to point out that this only happened because she was out of balance and he held her arm to keep her stable. Even though they were teammates, Taeyeon and Baekhyun seem to have maintained a distance. Each and every one of you are precious to me and gives me strength. I will continue to strive to become EXO's Baekhyun who does his best on stage as well as off.

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They officially admitted that they were together and dated for about one year and three months before official breakup. AllKpop reports that an insider revealed, "Baekhyun is still dating snsd taeyeon Taeyeon as his ideal type as he was debuting, and Taeyeon found it cute SM not confirmed the break up rumors.

I hope that my sincere feeling gets to you. They do look kinda' cute together don't you think? Member Profile of EXO: However, many others had some hilarious reactions to the pictures. In addition, there were frequent sightings of the couple being spotted together, most likely on dates.

Taeyeon was recently seen with EXO member Baekhyun in Hawaii.

The entertainment company stated that the SNSD member and Baekhyun split due to their busy schedules. Hopefully we will receive an official statement soon. He should have not commented that if he himself will not know what will happen. And BaekYeon Shipper, pls stop.

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From the Shop Shop More. On June 28, Taeyeon was wearing round-framed glasses; did she always like to wear glasses?

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Trending SBS Common reflux drug linked to cancer risk. Looking too close to be friends, many fans were certain that they were going out. However, both entertainment labels denied the scandal, and things quieted down since then. Like Us on Facebook. But can't he wait for just a bit for the fans?

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However, the couple recently broke up around the middle of The news did not sit well with everyone as some netizens reacted negatively and proceeded to bash the stars. Netizens were openly skeptical about this speculation, leaving comments which read, " Baekhyun's glasses were a present [from a fan] ," " To organize the comment section: There is also a photo with Starbucks mug cups which Taeyeon posted and she wrote their 'secret code' in Korean which is "Taeng Kung Very much", meaning, "Thank you very much".

Baekhyun also wore similar glasses the next day on June 29 at an event and also wore it during a ' V ' app broadcast. The SongSongCoupleWedding was beautiful.