Is halo reach matchmaking down Halo 5 Stats are Live!

Is halo reach matchmaking down

I think it will stay live for quite some time! I would be interested in reading more about whats going on. Reach [Locked] Shutting down the Reach servers.

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Bring back the main forum list. After all, how many people have been online for Halo 3 back in the day. It could be the large amount of network traffic with everybody trying to download the thing while others are trying to play. If they shut down the Reach servers before I get to Inheritor, I'll be heartbroken.

What do you think of this course of action that may is halo reach matchmaking down Reach alive and strong for many years to come? I can't get into any matches. TrapMuzik92 Follow Forum Posts: Halo 3 was constantly suffering from lag and server problems. So hopefully these types of problems don't happen on launch.

And don't think for a minute that the Bungie guys are just sitting on their asses. It perfected the up to date gameplay mix with traditional Halo mechanics and feel. It is a beta after all That would have had a bunch of newer players downloading it if they didn't already have it, so I'm sure there has been a spike in population since it went free, just my thought.

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Reach still has a 25k population sometimes at its highest. I can understand it being a beta, but you think that with all the copies of ODST sold that they would be better prepared for such an event. Reach was, in my opinion, the first and last good game to go out of the last game's boundaries of expectations. Reach is still good for a few more years. Idk what the deal is.

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Reach Servers are back up and running now, finally been able to get onto matchmaking. Kwajdelta Follow Forum Posts: That's the purpose of this. It was really hard to get into a match when you have a party. This beta is here for a reason. As far as actual in game playing, the beta is fantastic connection wise.

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Yes, there is more complicated business crud that has to do with what they decide, but my point here needs acknowledgement. This is Bungie afterall and if anyone should be used to server overload it would be them.

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