Johnson outboard dating What year is my Outboard?

Johnson outboard dating

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If the motor still will not run then shut off the fuel tap and continue with tugs on the starter rope - outboard dating the motor starts be sure to turn the fuel valve back on! I have found no real damage to the motor. I have a early 's Johnson 9.

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Oh, and what is the fuel to oil ratio on these? I just dont want to get this running, put it in the water and find out that I have just blown out all my low end lube and replaced it with water Begining in Yamaha stopped including the year information in the model number. Thanks for any help.

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These Johnson Motor Wheels sold well for several years, but the economies of scale with which Henry Ford and others could produce automobiles rapidly eroded the market - after all, who would buy a motorized bicycle for the same cost as an automobile? Many users go to.

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Refer to the Force serial number year chart located here. The points on almost all models should be completely disassembled and thoroughly cleaned since oil will often have soaked into the insulators causing them to short.

If it is possible the engine were made post, then see the first article in this thread for a guide to interpretation of the model identifier J30RERM If the information already provided in this thread is applied to interpreting this engine as a post model, the interpretation would be Johnson HP Rope Start Production sequence M. In a larger motor called the Model P and rated at 6 horsepower, was introduced. One per customer would be appreciated.

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Be sure to use only copper cored sparkplug wire, the modern automotive carbon models dating wire will not work. The RX series were based on a Prior to the RD seriers were based on a Any ideas on where i might be able to find more information?

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Pre For engines prior to refer the the Evinrude serial number year chart located here. Search for your engine horsepower on the Mercury Mariner serial number year chart located here to find the beginning serial number for the range that includes your engine.

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I have look on the silver dot on the top of the pistons and all that. Why was the Johnson's little outboard such a tremendous success? The manufacturing of their small two cylinder outboard would not look very grand on their resumes when compared to building the first American monoplane, aircraft engines and record setting inboard speedboat engines, yet outboards would be their outboard dating lasting achievement.

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Bought the used boat from a guy that didn't really know what he had. You're welcome to participate in these discussions, but please don't think your topic is so important it gets to be posted twice to multiple places. I am trying to figure the year so I can order parts. I never knew Cherios were bad for you.