Kakashi dating quiz What does Kakashi Hatake think of you?

Kakashi dating quiz

He asks a few questions about your past and why your here before telling you about his past.

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What insane anime character loves you? Email to a Friend. He sits up a bit in his bed and asks you are you alright.

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What Anime Character are you? Prev Quiz Next Quiz. I like you Kakashi! I like pink Me and Sasuke: I don't like pink Me: Snuggle up closer and tell him that you dating quiz the same way about him.

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I wonder how he does his hair i cant get mine to do that What Yaoi Anime should you Watch? I don't like anime Are you ready to see if Kakashi would ask you out again? You are walking back to the Village hidden in the Leaves when all of a sudden this group of ninja stop you. Kakashi ask a question! Well you don't have a choice!

Pick someone you would like as a friend.

Would I Date You? I like Black Me: Did you just lick me!

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I would probably push him away "I'm not ready Kakashi What does he think of you? Take this to find out!

What is something you would like to accomplish if you were in the ninja world?

Really adorable without it! I would probably blush and gently kiss him back 'blush' Me: Go get your result, yeah!

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Log in or sign up. Ship or Rip anime version. I like hard core romance!

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Published 9 months ago. Are you worthy of a demon butler?

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I like rough, heated lemons Me: I would push him away "what was that for!? Which Fairy Tail girl are you? I don't mind it I guess Who is your favorite character on the show? You look back at him and he turns away as if he is shy.