Kakashi dating quiz What does Kakashi Hatake think of you?

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Kakashi ask a question! You have New Private Message s!

What is something you would like to accomplish if you were in the ninja world?

Some other ninja come to your side and help take him to the hospital. I like Tokyo Ghoul! What anime character are you the child of?

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Later that night theres a knock at your door and you open it to find Kakashi standing there reading his book ready to go. What's your favorite kind of book? Which Fairy Tail girl are you?

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You walk around for a bit before coming to bench and he offers you a seat you Go get your result, yeah! I like pink Me and Sasuke: What Anime Dere are you?

A date with Kakashi Part 2 you have to do my other quiz first and if this was your option go right ahead e personality test. What Anime Character are you?

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Really adorable without it! There are 12 Comments on this Quiz View Comments. Who tha dating quiz are you guys???!!!

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Published 9 months ago. I-I really like him Why would they take this if they didn't like me?

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Log in or sign up. I like kinky lemons me: Which "Dere" stereotype are you?

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What Yaoi Anime should you Watch? I wonder how he does his hair i cant get mine to do that I like Naruto Me: Snuggle up closer and tell him that you feel the same way about him. What does he think of you?

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I don't mind it I guess