Kobe dating brandy Kobe left lasting memory during prom date with Brandy 20 years ago

Kobe dating brandy

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When Kobe was 21, he met dancer Vanessa Laine who was then Notify me when there are new discussions. Kobe was never going to marry Brandy.

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She is a walking time bomb always starting shit! Stop responding to my post with silly comments.

Brandy Norwood & Kobe Bryant

You don't need permission. Also, from what I've heard Brandy and Kobe were never really dating and all they did was go to the prom. Ashland on the 14th wrote:. Shortly after Kobe signed on with the Lakers, inhe met and began dating Jameika Williams.

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It has been pregnant for years now! Her thoughts print right across it like a typewriter! Thanks for your comment!

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Share your thoughts with the world. But Brandy, even if she wasnt rich then, and he wasnt, probably wasnt as easy to dog out, or maybe she didnt put out for him on prom night or after-who knows.

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Thanks for kicking off the conversation! OMG couple of issues here. It's a good think Brandy didn't marry Kobe - one less black woman who has to bear the shame of her husband's cheating.

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