Kv-4 matchmaking KV-4 and match making?

Kv-4 matchmaking

Low view range, low mobility and low top speed and slow turret traverse Armor is mostly unsloped, making it especially vulnerable to gold shells. Is your KV-4 fully upgraded already? ShirouRabbit 2 Posted 09 September - The armament would consist of a mm F ZiS-6 gun and three machineguns. Also, be careful matchmaking sidescraping as the KV's side armor, behind the tracks, is only 60mm and your tank can get easily tracked and damaged through that area if you're not careful.

During development of the and T tanks, several variants ny dating sites prepared by different groups. The last point was especially important in light of the State Defense Committee's decree of to minimise the consumption of armour materials.

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Casting was used not only for the turret, but also for the main elements of its hull — the glacis, turret ring and rear. Search Advanced Search section: Dukhov received roubles for first place. Lintu 7 Posted 08 May - When confronted by fast mediums or light tanks at close range a favoured tactic because of the KV-4's extremely poor traverse speed the best tactic is to use ramming tactics.

The only constants were the engine Mmass tons and the presence of a turret. Tseits' design is characterized by a tall turret, allowing the vertical placement of one-piece mm shells.

The KV-4 and KV-5 were in an odd place. The tank is able to combine the armor of the IS and the fast-firing 85mm of the T to create a tank that can really bully lower tiers. Kv-4 is the only tank in the game I have ever considered using my free xp to get past. Sign In Email address: I only fear the slowing up of the engine inside of me which is pounding, saying, Keep going, someone must be on top of the hill, why not you?

I really like the ST-I but you have to hull matchmaking in the high tier fights as there are a couple of weak spots on the matchmaking.

For extra motivation, the authors of the more successful designs would be awarded a bonus. Once the is researched and mounted, it is matchmaking, and somewhat plausible, to simply grind on through to the ST-I. Perhaps this is the Pz. Elements of the T's chassis, including tracks, were used, whilst the road wheels were taken from the KV.

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I have all the required packages researched and now face a dilemma. The KV-4 also has slower top speed, making ramming less effective.

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However, where there's smoke, there's fire.