Lol ignore list matchmaking Lol ignore list matchmaking

Lol ignore list matchmaking

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Ignore list, matchmaking and pregame chat box

Like the rage kids who want to curse you out after 1 death There are actually many people who ignore everyone in their team at the start of the game just to be sure. Because that's completely false. As much as i know of, If you have ignored them you won't be queued with them anymore.

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Don't tell me that you didn't think about it when you lost a promo game because it was ignore list matchmaking of toxic players. To block teamkillers from being on my team ever again.

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Every existing idea, especially in lol because of large number of players, and the word will spread outhas a way to be abused. And on the other hand, people can have ignored positive players just because they had a bad game.

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Because it's technically impossible. Please, dont post on this forums ever again.

If player A played with a toxic player B, or played with premade group that he found offensive, and have accordingly reported them for their behaviour and muted them in game, the matchmaking system can and will, knowing from my own experience match them again in a future game.

Most of you have probably noticed allready but the mute button is not all powerfull.

Connection problems cs go matchmaking

And neither would many other people. As for why this is impossible, it is not "technically impossible" because it is very possible to make something like this, but the problem comes with large queue times which would only increase over time. There are 5 people, if everyone have let's say about people in ignore list, it means possible teammates left out.

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That might work only for custom. Hello fellow rankers, Most of you have probably noticed allready but the mute button is not all powerfull.

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That isn't the intention of either function. When you're finished, check out the boards to ignore list matchmaking in the latest League of Legends discussions. I already reported people including people on my friendlist so like Why the matchmaking system does not take into account the ban list of the player that is queueing?

All in all very bad idea, that has been discussed many times. No, that way you could just ignore everyone you wanted to face so you dont have to face them, like "picking your opponents" i think the ignore system should avoid those people playing in YOUR team, not on the opposite team, so no one can abuse it!

Does users on your ignore list get avoided?