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There are several Gibson historical experts who are active in that forum Hope this mandolins dating Avi. The fingerboard of the L-5S is in with select abalone.

Gibson had helped in the war effort and seen many employees enlist. Some of these turn up and vary from the standard instruments, but they are usually very nice and are frequently signed by the maker. Introducedthese were designed as dual-purpose instruments.

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You may find a mando in this site that is near your range and discription which will help you out too: How can I find a listing of Serial Numbers and Model to verify what it is? The first serialization started in and ran until Then Gibson developed the adjustable bridge. Gold script Gibson logo Pickguard: The top and back are lightly arched, producing the deepest measurement in the center of the guitars body.

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It was initially called the De Luxe Jumbo for the few versions that were delivered before the model went into production. Orville label, inlaid pickguard, semi-horizontal old-style "The Gibson" inlaid in peghead.

Interests General Interest All. Some FONs for include,, The mandolin dating numbers started with number and go to Ritiro a Bologna senza spese di spedizione.

In my opinion this accounts for the occasional pre guitar, etc. Then, when I looked at the photos I remembered I had this mandolin at Elderly for a while, in hope of trading it for something like a Inlaid into the top of the instrument.

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Your dealer can most often help in this area and can also rule out the causes of common problems. All numbers are approximates. The later pickguard clamps have a stamped patent date of July 4, The decade following saw a change in finish from varnish to shinier lacquer. Select spruce, 2-piece bookmatched with scalloped X-bracing Neck: In late 1 the use of factory order numbers was discontinued.

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The grade of top wood was tighter grained. Remember that during the depression, things might set around in the factory, sometimes incomplete, for a while waiting on someone who had the money.

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The headstock face was veneered in black. This mandolin has no pickguard inlaid, though evidence that there was once a clamped style one attached.