Marriage not dating ep 7 dramabeans Marriage, Not Dating Episode 6 Recap

Marriage not dating ep 7 dramabeans

What's to keep her from going to their parents later on and making the pregnancy a reason to get them married? Yeo reum taking his shirt off and ko tae putting his back onsuddenly ashamed of his non existent abs, haha, geez, lol much! As it stands now, I still think they both but especially KiTae need a lot of therapy to get in a good place first.

Then we have the amazing-pants Jang Mi. And frustration for YR's constant presence as 'rescuer' - from first kiss to soup incident where he was the one hugging even as Ki Tae was frantically worrying.

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And it really makes me understand why Ki-tae would choose to be alone. KT's mom is a woman that is trying to conform to her society in order to make those around her happy. I know it takes time and effort and I appreciate you giving us a place to share our thoughts.

I like that it isn't an easy fix with Ki-tae and marriage not dating ep 7 dramabeans that before he can even think about being honest with his feelings for Jang-mi and pursuing her, he needs to first let out the emotions and the truths that he's been forced to keep hidden all this time. Also, it was JangMi's voice for sure.

What a great balance. I was not expecting it to be up so soon! Any scene involving Hoon-dong's misunderstanding about Ki-tae and Yeo-Reum!!! Leading couple all the way.

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The whole conversation is made hilarious by Hoon-dong side-eyeing the both of them, still thinking Ki-tae is gay and crushing on Yeo-reum. How many times have you woken up after a night of drinking and not remember anything that happened the night before? And yes, Gi Tae's lack of affirmative action, by deeds or words, in developing his relationship with Jang Mi is starting to amusingly annoying me: I remember reading that the new cable channels were experimenting with different slots.

Totally enjoying the ride so far, even though I was turned off initially by her clingyness in ep 1. Yr is too smiley and too into keeping things light. Laya July 23, at 7: That, was so undeserving. First with the hug when Jang Mi was locked in his office, and then at the end of this episode when all she wanted to hear was that she was pretty!!

If it were only about a baby, she could have moved on to YR already!

HazeOfMisery August 11, at 1: He invites Ki-tae to the wedding, who tentatively asks if Jang-mi will be there. She deserves to take care of herself, and have others take care of her.

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Jm actually saw that as a turning point to their relationship so I hope she will find out that he jus manipulated her into forgiving him.

Jang-mi bursts in, and the fortuneteller immediately says that luck follows her, and suddenly Ki-tae looks more interested.

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