Matchmaking promotes happiness Feel Like a Million Dollars: Matchmaking and Happiness

Matchmaking promotes happiness

Psychological Bulletin,— Citations Citations 7 References References Of even greater concern, some products, such as combustible tobacco, can be inherently harmful to consumers even when used as intended CDC, a.

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The strength of weak ties. Quickies Just for Fun. We also review recent research on critical topical domains.

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Vol 5, Issue 6, pp. Unexpectedly, their results suggested that people have a more matchmaking promotes happiness cognitive interaction with Coke's branding than with Pepsi's McClure et al. With the rapid growth of global linkages and global consciousness, the marketplace is also growing in cultural diversity both in terms of the demand side i.

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This chapter therefore begins with a simple but important question: Studies 2 and 3 show that matching others on how well they will get along increases happiness and is more intrinsically rewarding than other tasks e. Feel Like a Million Dollars: This research has typically taken one of two approaches: This concern is exemplified by the recent remarks of the editors of the Journal of Consumer Research: Finance Globalization Health Care.

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Annual Review of Sociology, 27, — Revealing meaningful relationships between brain and consumer behavior. We show that bridging ties are relatively more attractive than bonding ties: Google Scholar CrossrefMedline.

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