Matchmaking the division incursion The Division's big Incursion update has got off to a very rough start

Matchmaking the division incursion

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I went to get screenshots of Falcon Lost for this article earlier this afternoon, but was stuck in a minute loop as the mission failed to trigger and booted me out of the group. At least drops more often than good Greens that u want to use.

Start a New Discussion. Mechanically, it's all a bit limited - you turn off turrets to install a bomb while keeping the enemy waves nicely thinned out - and there's not quite the imagination there to make it worth returning to once you've rinsed the mode for loot.

Right now, though, Ubisoft Massive seems to have introduced a whole new load of problems into The Division, and it's really not matchmaking the division incursion playing until they're all properly fixed.

For more information, go here. Perhaps one of the more remarkable things about The Divison's launch is how there wasn't that much to remark upon. This is ONLY to be used to report spam, advertising, and problematic harassment, fighting, or rude posts. It's a bit of a disappointment, though maybe my thoughts on it were flavoured by the frustration I endured in the run-up to getting properly started, and by the fact that, at the time of writing, the matchmaking problems are making it extremely difficult to get in.

They were so stupid, that they used in game voice chat, which you can hear.

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The Daily Missions went missing over the weekend, and while they're back now the high-tier Challenging one is still entirely absent - although it's promised to return soon. Yeasterday, it made me laugh a lot. Super Mario Odyssey guide and walkthrough Your detailed guide to every step of Mario's adventure.

As a reason to return to The Division it's done its job, but I've been met with a mess and I'm yet to see if some of those other big additions - a refined crafting and drop system as well as the ability to exchange loot - will make it worth sticking it out. They knew absolutely nothing about us and gave up only because our gear score.

We don't really care if we lose and die, we enjoy the challenge anyway. Home Discussions Workshop Market Broadcasts. Like it or not, but this number means a lot in this game. Tried queing hard for 1 hour same problem, this is insane. The other is players leaving after a wipe or just leaving because plp didn't go do it their way, without a mic matchmaking the division incursion of the time.

Three hard crashes, two server crashes and a glitch that meant I spent the first two hours of the evening standing around starting areas for daily missions waiting in vain for them to trigger wasn't quite the return to New York I was hoping for, and I'm not alone in having trouble, with some players coming up against more serious issues than that. That queuing bug that saw players form an orderly line behind a laptop was an almost charming blot on an otherwise smooth release, suggesting Ubisoft has done much to address the issues that beset the launch of something like Assassin's Creed Syndicate.

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It's proven before it can get on top of problems that arise, and while it's annoying they're there in the first place I've got faith that they'll be addressed in the near future. Last edited by Blackfyre ; 9 May, So here's the area just outside Falcon Lost. They may make it until wave 8, but I don't think they would get much further.

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I mean this would not be a problem before the GS patch, it was the absolutely biggest mistake from the developers. Discussions Rules and Guidelines. Falcon on challenge is very difficult and everybody will prefer GS over GS The first night of The Division's big update felt like a return to the good old disorderly days, though. Doesn't worth the time at all unless you want to improve gear score.

So how can we solve this cancer? After a night of dating scan wrong, it hasn't quite turned out like that. Stat difference between Green and is not big unless you can get great with 2 mod slots with this stupidly made RNG system and loot rate is even so frustrating.

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To the point of GS, my opinion is that the gear should have random numbers, as in between X and Y for a certain lvl and between Y and Z for the next lvl but first they will have to make gear better than and better than He has a Gradius 2 arcade board and likes to play racing games with special boots and gloves on. And hard is just too easy, the map layout is so easy to just camp in the pit and just, win.