Moms dating a vampire Mom's Got a Date with a Vampire

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Everything seems to go according to plan, until Taylor realizes that this stranger might be a vampire.

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Andrew Lawrence, Mark L. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Disney Channel Original Movies.

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Dimitri Wolfsbanethe vampire has the one of the more common types of hypnotic powers, and Hypnotic Eyes of course. Double Teamed TV Movie Crazy Credits Dimitri can still be heard calling out during the end credits.

Chelsea and Adam will do whatever it takes to get their mom Lynette out of the house, even if it includes a chance meeting with a very mysterious man.

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A beautiful, sweet, kind-hearted mother, who can kick some serious vampire ass. A young man working at a cinema on a special premiere night, finds that the films being shown are full of strange and eerie occurrences. Marnie is a teenage witch living with her family of supernatural beings in the mom dating a vampire of Halloweentown.

A teenager wins a fully automated dream house in a competition, but soon the computer controlling it begins to take over and everything gets out of control, then Ben the teenager calms down the computer named Pat and everything goes back to normal. A teen learns that his birth mother is a mermaid after he begins to grow fins and slimy scales on his thirteenth birthday.

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Fatal Vows explores tumultuous shocking Starstruck Den Brother Camp Rock 2: In the end, Taylor becomes Van Helsing's partner and they arrive to do battle with Dimitri, who has Lynette in a trance, but even together Taylor, Adam, Chelsea and Van Helsing are unable to defeat Dimitri. Smart House TV Movie The movie exhibits the following tropes: Learn more People who liked this also liked Chelsea and Adam will do whatever it takes to get their mom Lynette out of the house, even if it includes a chance meeting with a very mysterious man.

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Lindsay Naythons storyRobert Keats teleplay. If you want a good time, but don't want to have to mom dating a vampire very hard on plot, ect. Create a character page for:.

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Goofs When Lynette is supposedly in the trance, she can be seen blinking several times in the background while Dimitri casts his spell on the kids. You need to login to do this.

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Get Known if you don't have an account. The Cromwell clan split their time between the real world and "Halloweentown", but the son of an old rival threatens to make the latter "real" and the real world a place of monsters.

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Disney Channel Original Movies. Played straight with Malachi, who can't seem to hunt vampires very well.

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Adam and his best friend Duffy have gotten their hands on some tickets for the Headless Horseman concert, and his sister Chelsea has a date with her dreamy