My best friend started dating my brother Dating Your Best Friend’s Brother: Is That Acceptable Or Too Close For Comfort?

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Previous Monday November 23, There are probably numerous layers to this. Want to add to the discussion? That's my story and I'm sticking to it. How would a girl feel if her best friend started to date her brother? I would scratch my head.

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The fact that you would also make her CHOOSE between a friendship with you or a romance with your brother is also pretty ugly of you. No graceless posts or comments generalizing gender. They're cashing in on it.

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Free dating site in az should I do? My brother has depression and if he had a positive person close by his side, loving him, and nurturing him, I'd let him date my best friend forever. This could have been written by my sister. I crushed on on of my best friend's brother.

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I would be stoked. She can be rather manipulative at times, and twist things so she can believe that the problem is not her fault. These readers give their advice on making it work — or not!

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But have you ever considered that the reasons why your brother likes her are the my best friend started dating my brother as the reasons why you like her? It is slightly strange that he doesn't think she's pretty. Lucy June 14,5: I think Wendy was right on — this LW needs to let it go, move on, and get her own life.

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I wouldn't want her to be a part of an awkward situation. Another friend crushed on my brother. Tried to be friends with my other brother's girlfriend. Dear Wendy is a relationship advice blog. Wouldn't that upset her more than knowing the truth right now? So if clear communication between you three doesn't work, let them do their thing, make their own mistakes and right their own wrongs.

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Frame this in a context of being happy for them but having some worries about how you feel. His last girlfriend was a year younger than me. Don't have an account? Now she's with my brother and they have a baby.

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Regardless of why, if your friendship is on shaky grounds, you should NOT live together! Shutterstock Finding a great guy to date nowadays seems impossible for some women, so when she finds what seems like the perfect guy, she should go for it, right?