My father is dating a girl my age Daddy Issues: My Dad Is Dating Someone My Age

My father is dating a girl my age

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Have you ever had to meet a new significant other's family? This is Thanksgiving time. Do you really want to take that away from your father because it makes you feel icky?

But at times, his exciting, spur-of-the-moment life can be tiring to keep up with.

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How his girlfriend makes you feel, what you pictured his new relationship would be like. Still, just as it's your dad's business who he dates, it's also up to you what kind of relationship and boundaries you have with her, so your response to her is important.

If you're working to try and patch things up, talking to him about this could help that but if you feel that because of this, you don't want to try anymore then my father is dating a girl my age him that because there really isn't much you can do about the situation with your father and his potential girlfriend so the only option is to talk to him about it and decide whether you want to stick around and carry on attempting to work on things or leave. I think if you got to know her, and went ahead and met her, it would help to do away with the creep factor.

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He actually started a new relationship in the midst of breaking up with his partner of 24 years. They were not so kind as my family initially. But "totally creepy" is not a good way to look at it, and in any case it's no reason to act poorly. Don't go all cutesy with the "stepmommy" crap; she knows perfectly well how awkward this must be.

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My problem with your question is that this supporting-but-disapproving stuff is a lie. I may not like who my kids date, but it's not my choice or concern, other than them being happy and being treated properly.

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I pictured him growing lonely in his old age. You're going to, to a certain degree, have right of refusal on his mates if they get serious and I don't think you have to be so reticent about expressing your approval or disapproval with him.

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There's nothing wrong with you. If he assures you it's nothing serious ie, he's not planning to marry her then you probably should just let it go. Therapy or counseling may well be the best choice to deal with the strange thoughts and itchy emotions this situation can inspire. Thus ends advice-giving segment; here follows my experience: Is it possible you are then ashamed of him?

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Because of what other people might say? AmazonQueen Offline Why so Serious? They'd been madly in love for many years, but their marriage ended in screaming matches and arguments over money. I think you'll have to deal with that old wound before you can deal with this. In the meantime, try not to burn any bridges. Did she insinuate that she's trying to be your stepmother?

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Guy im dating calls me his friend does he feel dating someone so much younger? Is it possible you are worried that your dad, your amazing dad, is proving himself again to be like that stereotypical old man who just wants the younger, prettier girl, who can't be happy with a woman his own age because he's buying into this idea of what women "should" be?

Have you noticed how uncomfortable things are between you? You can deal with this. Stable emotionally and operationally?