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Norad business matchmaking, development partner programmes

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Botswana Programme Eligible Business Type of Partnership Quick Links Innovations against Poverty Sida small to large international businesses grant support to technologies that help reduce poverty or fight climate change: Application process Concept note and application documents.

All of these programmes are relatively new.

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The collaboration encompasses diverse branches including boatbuilding, furniture and mattress production, fishing, data processing and environmental inspections. This approach differs from that of other programmes, which leave this aspect to financial institutions.

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In addition to finance oriented programmes and inclusive business networks that support access to finance for youth and women, there are also a growing number of development partner institutions that have developed programmes to support private sector — public sector collaboration and partnerships that involve incorporating youth and women led enterprises into existing corporate value chains. This may be done in various ways. The programme provides a combination of advisory services, grants and loans to the partners.

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Most of the matchmaking and partnering programmes are aimed at small and medium-sized enterprises SMEs in the industrialized and developing countries. DANIDA also realized that an investment project might need a capital component and can provide loans within the business matchmaking of its programme, but the interest charged is close to market rates.

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Briefing Note Contact Information. The operation was initially oriented towards South-East Asia, but the organization is considering expanding its activities to other regions, including LDCs.

Experience in rich as well as poor countries shows that the potential of SMEs to have a substantial impact on the development process is much greater than that of micro-enterprises. SMEs in the business matchmaking country are invited to make proposals for investment on the basis of the parameters decided.

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Producers in five African countries and 36 German importers have joined the programme. Private-sector development schemes such as matchmaking fill that gap.

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PPP projects are planned, financed and implemented jointly. Norwegian companies which are looking for a partner in a developing country submit a profile to the coordinating centre in Norway, which reviews it and sends it to a corresponding centre in the host country. What kind of matchmaking?

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In Sri Lanka, for example, the programme has received profiles from Norwegian companies since PSOM's experience shows that the combination of a capital and technical component within the same programme through a partial grant appeals to many companies.

Since many of these linkage programmes are quite innovative, the instruments themselves are more or less pilot programmes. It seems clear that private companies willing to invest in developing countries, where the market is considered highly volatile, are looking for support for the total investment. Flower farms are certified and receive the "Flower Label".

Projects are submitted to the sponsoring agency and then evaluated by country and sector experts. They also usually charge market rates and, in addition, sometimes require payment of administrative fees. One of the issues on which the programmes differ is the need for inclusion of a capital component. In all, 16 companies have signed cooperative agreements and 12 joint ventures have been formed.

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In recent decades, industrialized countries have developed a number of direct instruments to help their national companies become active in the developing world. The sponsoring agency supervises the implementation of the project and periodically reviews its performance. Developing country companies can also initiate the process.