Nurse dating cna 15 Reasons to Date a Nurse

Nurse dating cna, 1. they have crazy hours

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I nurse dating cna if the person is great, and the two of you have a lot in common why not? Surprises can be ruined and rumors can start.

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Try these jobs on for size. I don't know if I told you or not but in my life experience one of my very good friends was CNA, worked like CNA when she meet a doctor I was with them or around themlol all the time until they was married. Jun 5, '09 by NS Jan 9, '08 by flightnurse2b.

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Public displays of affection are off limits! Like New York — where we are always looking for qualified nurses.

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I remember looking at my husband from afar and saying to myself that he would not possibly be interested in me because I thought I was not his type. I am a foreign educated nurse and I am fortunate to be working for a US hospital.

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In general it's not a good idea to get involved with someone you work with. We saw each other around often before we actually started dating.

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But it's not that simple. Switches require planning and massive amounts of nurse dating cna.

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Other coworkers are married to each other. Jan 9, '08 by st4wb3rr33sh0rtc4k3. Once people found out we were together, there was a bit of talk, but never bad.

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Jun 30, '10 by Assailants. Can i say something about dating a CNA. Would I date a CNA?

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I will never ever will forgot her first classy green dress when they first goes out like a couple. Amazingly enough she had the same attitude as the first CNA I was paired up with.

He left and I just had a warm feeling come over me that something was different.