One direction imagines youre secretly dating Hi I love you

One direction imagines youre secretly dating

When you had first started dating Louis you felt insecure and genuinely confused as to what he saw in you.

Your secretly dating him behind your brother's back (Harry)

I'm, um, his cousin," you lie, smiling. You didn't feel pressure to look perfect, to be nice to everyone on twitter or anything like that, things you'd have to do if everyone knew you were Zayn Malik's girlfriend. Without any type of confirmation or even a glance in your direction he dropped your hand, picked up the pace, and entered the club separate from you. You talked for a while about your music, and the tour that was coming up, and your new album, and the basic stuff.

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Neither you nor Niall had noticed the fans following you. Louis had his arm wrapped one direction imagines youre secretly dating your waist, pulling you into his side, as Niall had his hand on your back, all smiling at the camera.

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This girl was all over Niall. He signs on and people keep asking about you, but you both ignore all the comments and say you have something important once you hit more viewers. You forget for a second, too, and you hop up.

You're Both Famous And Secretly Dating

You collapsed on your back into your childhood bed and stared at the walls that were littered with old decorations from old high school photos to posters of bands you obsessed over. Some people have a LOT of free time," Louis raises an eyebrow, but smiles at the pictures of you two together. He's back home after the long tour and you'd missed him so much. Niall stared at you with darkening eyes. He wrapped you in his arms and pulled you close against him. Believe me, I am not embarassed by you.

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Which would have been fine wexcept he kept going out with Andy to Funky Buddha and you were never invited. It was hard being away from the person you loved, especially when you had to keep it all a secret.

You look at his pretty green eyes. You'd been dating for a few months, but didn't want to go public until you were ready to be 'in the spotlight'. You loved your daughters more than anything else in the world but you also sometimes enjoyed a break from their chaos.

Finally, one night, you snapped. Smiling for the cameras, Zayn smiling with you. You signed autographs, took pictures and talked to the fans that were backstage. You two hadn't even been intentionally secret, it was more of a 'if they find out, they find out, if it comes up, it comes up' kind of situation.

He started to climb up the drain pipe to your window and you watched in awe the way his body moved. Not paying attention, when Sienna asked you something, you just nodded and mumbled 'Mhm' "You know, you just said that you fancy my brother.