Online dating friends with benefits Online Dating: Friends with Benefits or something more?

Online dating friends with benefits

What do you think?

I also enjoyed the sex SO much with him, that I told him to just tell me if it is just sex because I may be ok with that. Or is it possible hes catching feelings?

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What are the rules for lack of a better term? I met him for the first time just less than a week ago.

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Could he still take me seriously because I stopped it? We hung out again and it seemed very natural and it was nice.

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We both wanted something serious. Please keep us posted. Does this make any sense? I thought that was not really right. I like sleeping with him because I feel comfortable with him and he knows what I like and dont like and all those other reasons.

Not to play hard to get, but because I see the distance is likely safer for my own health anyway.

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Follow us on Twitter: It does seem a bit odd that he only wanted to see you every month or so, especially since he insisted he was interested in you for more than jus sex. Then at about 6 months, I thought he was just using me because he did not step it up, such as simply making plans. It seems this is true for you. One day I had come online to a few of my friends telling me that another of my girl friends was going to my boyfriends house to have sex with him.

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I was a bit turned off at first because all he would do is text me, but I eventually just got into the habit as well. Nothing could be more awkward than being in a sober environment and not clicking with someone for over an hour. Although, when with my boyfriend, it felt like he was drifting away from me.

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I guess I just need some clarity before I can completely move on. He let my ex dating friends with benefits talking to me because he thought I was very pretty and then my FWB got with a girl who has red hair just like I do and is equally pretty. How old is this guy?

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I thought there was something there, and so did he. So, am I reading way too far into this and making nothings into somethings? He is sweet, reliable, and smart and I am not sexually attracted to him whatsoever.

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Do I let it stay friends with benefits, or should I tell him I want more? I would ask him if he just wants sex, and to be honest, but he kept denying it.

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So be yourself and see what happens.