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Persona 4 dating margaret

Well thenā€¦ I will return to the Velvet Room and take up my original duties. An assistant of Igorshe is the sole Velvet Room attendant during the game, unless the player is playing Persona 4 Golden which adds Marie. However, she does show an angry side to her in Persona Q when Theodore accidentally gets her hair wet.

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If she is still not defeated within these 4 phases, she will randomly use Personas until she uses Diarahan on herself, then uses Megidolaon to wipe out the party. The requests revolve around creating specific Personas with specific skills:.

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The fight will proceed relatively quickly with the use of buffs and debuffs, but when she approaches low HP she will start using Mazionga and Magarula which can hit the protagonists' weakness. Turn 6 New Yoshitsune: Apart from handling the Persona CompendiumMargaret also handles the Fusion Forecast service, where she predicts the phenomena suffolk dating the day and the extra effects that may affect a Persona during fusion. Margaret then gives the protagonist her Spiral Brooch as a sign of their friendship.

Because she now acts twice in a single turn she will cast Megidolaon every 25 Turns.

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There's no need to worry. Challenging the protagonist to a battle, Margaret reveals herself to be a powerful Persona user similar to Elizabeth, as well as having the ability to summon multiple Personas. The third thing is that she'll do one of those every 50 turns no matter what, so you probably persona 4 dating margaret to give your MC an accessory with Endure like the Partial Award just in case.

She tries to convince Elizabeth to come back as Theo was worried about her, and notes that one day she will likely become a visitor of the Velvet Room.

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She also can act twice per turn, but she would preferably use her second action to perform a normal attack. This is proof of my reverenceā€¦ Please accept it. I thinkPersona 4 goes the extra persona 4 dating margaret to make things a little more clear.

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To compensate for the player facing her with only 2 party members, Margaret is not as strong as the previous bonus boss fights, with less HP and possessing less potent attacks. After the final clash between Helel and IzanagiMargaret congratulates Yu and gives him the Orb of Truth, reminding him that he'll never truly be alone, and disappears before Yu can thank her.

Through the protagonist 's conversations with Margaret, Margaret mentions that everyone who has stepped in the Velvet Room is bound to be on a journey to discover their true self, including those who reside in the Velvet Room.

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As the topic title says, Im looking for a persona 3 portable save file with a couple of specific things to it.

Margaret with the group.

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This is the Vision Quest, where Margaret challenges the player to face stronger incarnations of full moon shadows, as well as battles that test abilities of Strength, Magic, Agility, Endurance and Luck. Head back to Junes and enter the TV. She said if she couldn't do it alone, she would combine her powers with those bonded with that soul to enact a miracle.

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