Pex toilet hook up Preferred method to PEX connect toilet?

Pex toilet hook up

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For this job we will be using a half inch PEX material. Preferred method to PEX connect toilet? Its a garage so I'm not real concerned about pretty You can bend the PEX on out and crimp a shut off on, but IMO, that doesn't look as clean or feel as solid as simply having the drop ear-stub-shutoff.

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Go ahead and crimp it down. Next choice would probably be a stub out elbow to toilet hook up off. And I have been elected to be the one. Didn't see them at Menards or Lowes though just the ice maker boxes.


DanH - 41 min ago. Uponor offers several items that make PEX penetrations neat and attractive. I wondered if someone would catch that. You can save yourself a lot of money from hiring all that out. You can also buy the elbows with the mounting plate. Drop ear elbows offer a comparable way to transition from PEX to rigid pipe. Keep in mind, however, that this strategy may result in exposed PEX and more difficult access to valves in emergency situations.

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But frankly it would give the simpliest connection Due to the rise in popularity of home-run piping systems with PEX and manifold shut-off valves, many PEX lines servicing fixtures have centralized shut-offs. Then after the wall is finished a trim plate snaps on.

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Most people prefer not to have colored PEX exposed. Date - newest first Date - oldest first. How to Keep Track of Home Decorating.

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These valves adapt to the appropriate risers or flexible hoses for connections to fixtures such as faucets, toilets, and dishwashers. After you've done that you're going to take your crimping tool, open it up, place the crimp inside of it. So what you want to do is either t off your main line coming in of your cold water or run a separate line from the main all the way over to your toilet.