Speed dating english paris Ils parlent de nous !

Speed dating english paris

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I would not bother with one of these events if your French is already quite good or if you have plenty of friends already to speak French with. After half an hour, we move to the bar next door; the post-speed-dating atmosphere is awkward. Thursday, 9 pm, downtown Paris. So… How Was it in Practice?

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At first I was a bit annoyed that the room was quite noisy. After the 14 minutes, the organizer will come by and tell one or both of you to move to another table.

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Les Salons du Louvrea trendy loft-bar a few meters from the museum of the same name, is packed with beautiful, dating sites name search Parisians in their late twenties and thirties. As long as you can string together even a few words in the second language, you are welcome.

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Send a Paris Postcard. This is a serious language exchange event. I did meet a number of people at the event who attend on a regular basis.

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Visit us on Facebook! Copy and paste this HTML code into your webpage to embed. By 1am, the party will be over. It could be annoying, but it would also force the participants to talk about a wider range of subjects and broaden their vocabulary. While I may not have mastered all the speed dating english paris languages I have studied over the years, I do consider myself an expert at being a student of languages.

Everyone is given an identification number to give to every partner. Yes, all of the books in the photo above do belong to me: I suggested to Franglish that they might consider a little experiment at one of these events.

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The organizers are also happy to answer questions that may come up. On the streets, they are rushing to get to work, he explains.

Not for everyone but certainly a great option for many.

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Maybe it takes 3 or 4 sessions. You meet about 7 people in total by the end of the event. Guest Book Frequently Asked Questions. But no, it was full of young, handsome professionals.

I have tried it all at one point or another — conversational language classes, lecture halls, group classes, private lessons, language exchanges, self-study through grammar books, self-study through audiobooks… you name it. He is at the Concorde to do some location-scouting for student parties. You try out a number of potential language exchange partners.

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Click here for my editorial policy. But I would say look at it like speed dating. These are people coming from work, probably from the finance sector.

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You are speed dating english paris at a table with papers and pens and a dictionary in case you get stuck. Afterworks are a good way to relax without coming home too late. Upgrade to a different browser or install Google Chrome Frame to experience this site. It did get a bit tedious always chatting about why I was in Paris, what I do for work, etc. Franglish hold language exchange events in various bars around Paris also in Nice and in London about 3 times per week. Cultural tidbitsExpat tipsFrench language.