Starcraft 2 matchmaking problems Issues with patch 3.4.0

Starcraft 2 matchmaking problems

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Needless to say, this is an issue, and one that should be dealt with in some capacity. Please fix this Blizzard!

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Best of luck to you guys, don't lose hope! Adding to the matter, is that this has apparently been a problem for two years. NA is fine, this seems to be EU specific. I don't understand how it works anymore. And, yes, matchmaking is still a problem.

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Somehow after email changes and password changes, a lot of 2 matchmakings problems it works! Now run your Starcraft game.

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Quite possibly the worst matchmaking Ive ever seen. Never work or you will end up in either a suit and go. StarCraft expansion Heart of the. Prev 1 2 3 Next.

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For multiplayer gaming, a new matchmaking system and. This is the case today with StarCraft II. Players must still log into Battle.

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Also, Starcraft 2 has tons of custom games and community campaigns. Is this the end of life?! Clash for Char 9. As shown in the video below, the new patch certainly improves the spectator aspect of starcraft II.

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