Talkorigins radiometric dating The Age of the Earth

Talkorigins radiometric dating, a response to “scientific” creationism

Two cases where it appears that the half life is increasing with time are as follows.

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These inclusions, called xenoliths meaning foreign rocksconsist primarily of olivine, a pale-green iron-magnesium silicate mineral. They come from deep within the mantle and were carried upward to the surface by the lava.

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Hovind's claim best guy friend wants to hook up the C content of our atmosphere is in the middle of a 30,year buildup. The water coming out of the hose is analogous to the continuous production of carbon atoms in the upper atmosphere.

Lingenfelter actually attributed the discrepancy between the production and decay rates to possible variations in the earth's magnetic field, a conclusion which would have ruined Morris's argument.

Measurements of decay rates under differing gravitational and magnetic fields also have yielded negative results.

The principle of superposition - in a vertical sequence of sedimentary or volcanic rocks, a higher rock unit is younger than a lower one. The K-Ar method has two principal requirements. Why is it that limestone has so little C in it? Refuting the conventional geological time scale is not an exercise in collecting examples of the worst samples possible.

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The K-Ar method is probably the most widely used radiometric dating technique available to geologists. The most common form of this young-Earth argument is based on a single measurement of the rate of meteoritic dust influx to the Earth gave a value in the millions of tons per year.

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Slusher and Rybka also propose that neutrinos can change decay rates, citing an hypothesis by Dudley 40 that decay is triggered by neutrinos in a "neutrino sea" and that changes in the neutrino flux might affect decay rates. The main point is that the ages of rock formations are rarely based on a single, isolated age measurement. These statements spring from an argument developed by Cook 28 that involves the use of incorrect assumptions and nonexistent data.

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Every time a rock is picked up it is a test of the predictions made by the dating understanding of the geological time scale. The data Morris 92 refers to were published by Evernden and others 44but include samples from different islands that formed at different times!

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Gamma rays very small bundles of energy are the device by which an atom rids itself of excess energy. However, these factors don't affect the radiocarbon dates by more than about percent, judging from the above studies. The 87 Rb and 87 Sr datings are normalized to the amount of 86 Sr, which is not a radiogenic daughter product. The primary four are:.

Hovind knows next to nothing about carbon dating! Each increment of time in the stratigraphy could be characterized by a particular assemblage of fossil organisms, formally termed a biostratigraphic "zone" by the German paleontologists Friedrich Quenstedt and Albert Oppel. A New Look at an Old Earth: Dudley himself datings the conclusions drawn from dating speed london hypothesis by Slusher and Rybkanoting that the observed changes in decay rates are insufficient to change the age of the Earth by more than a few percent Dudley, personal communication,quoted in 20p.

Fourth, if isochrons were the result of mixing, approximately half of them should have negative slopes.

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In more complicated situations, like in a mountain belt, there are often faults, folds, and other structural complications that have deformed and "chopped up" the original stratigraphy.

A sample will not have different ratios of carbon unless it has been contaminated or reflects a genuine range of ages.

Stratigraphy, sedimentology, and vertebrate paleontology of the Judith River Formation Campanian near Muddy Lake, west-central Saskatchewan. Therefore, as already noted, Dr.