Things you need to know before dating a sarcastic guy 19 Things You Need to Know before You Date a Sarcastic Girl

Things you need to know before dating a sarcastic guy, 2. mean comments are displays of affection

And because of that, you could say that we have a slight problem when it comes to expressing ourselves. They might ask you what you see in such a "bitch".

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He only wanted attention. We like to play around not because we dislike people, but because we want to eliminate barriers between people. Mean comments are just displays of affection. You reread every text.

1. Texting with her will be a nightmare.

We can sniff out bullshit from a mile away, so just be prepared to get challenged. We can always cheer you up.

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She'll answer your queries with a long, elaborate answer only to tell you that it's made up. Most things she says will make you question her intent. When those days come up, who better to have around than a boyfriend who can throw some much-needed humor your way?

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She'll likely be unable to take very much seriously. We're truly drawn to people who understand our sarcasm and fire their own right back at us.

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This actually happens quite often. You can make fun of us too We can honestly take a joke, even about our appearance.

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Or like cherish it or whatever. We can't help being smart asses - our brains are just too big! We remember everything That time you tripped outside the movie theatre, that embarrassing picture of you dressed as a lacrosse bro on Halloween freshman year.

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