Toilet water hook up Toilet Water Supply Connector

Toilet water hook up

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Then do the same to the nut connecting to the toilet's fill valve. Line up the flushing valve to the opening in the top of the toilet bowl. Now, check for leaks.

Replacing a toilet's water supply line is quick, easy, and can help save water

Sign Up for More No Thanks. Now that the tank is empty, it's time to address the bowl.

Align the Flushing Valve Line up the flushing valve to the opening in the top of the toilet bowl. This will force all the water out of the trap making the old toilet ready for removal.

Install It

Remove the Bowl Flip up the bolt covers and remove them if necessary. Installing a Toilet 6 Steps.

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Create a Seal Line up the closet bolts with the bowl and gently let down the bowl. Replace the Wax Ring Step 5: To avoid this, install a temperature regulating valve to keep the tank water warm. You'll have to tie the valve into an existing hot water line.

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Do not use a wrench on toilet water hook up nuts. After you've finished the cut, wait for all the water to drain out of the pipes before continuing. We will help you through removing and installing a flexible toilet supply line here. Be sure the tee outlet is facing in the direction of the toilet.


If the plastic nut connection end is leaking, slightly hand tighten the plastic nut until the leak ceases. Finish the Installation New stainless steel supply lines from the ballcock to the stop should be installed.

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Privacy Policy Sign Up. The water supply line for a toilet typically stubs out of the wall just under the toilet tank on the side where the water inlet on the tank is located. Bathroom How Tos 6 Videos. Disconnect the Tank Step 3: