Vtec hook up vtec hookup

Vtec hook up

Registered Users do not see the above ads. Tech Archive No Posting. A funny antidote that happened during this, so, my car even though it was a CX had a VX motor in it, so it was wired for vtec, sort of. Your email address will not be published.

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The LED indicates a system failure code by blinking frequency. Previous How to identify the Honda B16A engine. The high side cam followers respond to the more aggressive lobes on the camshaft. We are not aware of any standalone that has this capability.

How To Rewire VTEC In Your Honda/Acura

Coutts Apr 30, Jay JayNov 8, Make sure you have the right computer for your engine and trans. Injector Wiring High hook up boosted cars often need large injectors.

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ClubCivic is now on Instagram! Well, I get in the car and go to start it, and it's cranking, but nothing, like it has no fuel. Larger injectors with a heavier pintle also take longer to open and close due to inertia and show a similar effect. Sep 28, Location: Hi Javier, sorry for the late reply.

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