We are dating english subs ¡Hola mundo!

We are dating english subs

I really like to watch eli-jihae couple. Keep up the good work. Xander and Minah's date looks fun! Thank you for subbing!!!!! They sure make a romantic couple. Thank you so much for the subs gddaily, you rock! I just love jihae and minha! The viking and the roller coaster looks really fun.

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Thanks so much for the subs hahaha, oh my gosh, this was great! Subbs makes it bit more enjoyable!

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I know i can watch it on youtube but i love minah i wanna keep it. That was more like an anniversary date.

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Thank you so much for subbing this: Thanks for the subs! Aw that looked like a fun and awesome date.

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Notify me when new comments are added. How CC is so sweet Thx again for subtitling. Thank u so much.

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Thank you so much! I decided to wait for the full episode release so DLing now! D waiting for crazy couple.

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I will enjoy this show. First couple is out!

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Just ignore all the complainers, your hard work is very appreciated! Been we are dating english subs to see these. And Xander screaming was funny. Thanks so much for the subs! I appreciate the hard work! I love Xander and Minah couple.

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It will probably even out later. Thank you for subbing so quick… love this show: Its unavailable to watch.

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Ohmy, thanks thanks so much! Think that the measures you have taken its good. Will enjoy it before going to la la land!

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Hmm… Izit just me or is tat the same yoga studio Thunder uses in Raising Idols?? Thanks soooooooo much for subbing this show! I really love you girls!!! D Guys you are the best! Thanks for al the hard works guys…jjiang.