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My girlfriend is turning 17 in May.

What is the Age of Consent for Sex in Pennsylvania?

My parents and his agree with us being together could he be charged with anything??? Being that you are 16, his age does not matter. Can a parole board recind a grant of parole on a inmate.

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It really depends upon the circumstances of each case, and whether the prosecutor feels a charge is warranted. If I am able to get her parental approval in writing that they consent to our relationship, can I be tried for corruption of a minor?

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Can he get charged while no sexual things are happening. This means that even if you had consensual sexual relations with this man, he would not be guilty of any sexual offense in PA. September 27, at 6: Could this still be a crime because the person is still a minor? Depending on the situation, the Pennsylvania close-in-age exemption may completely exempt qualifying close-in-age couples from the age of consent law, or merely provide a legal defence that can be used in the event of prosecution.

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How could the person what is the legal dating age in pennsylvania 18 be charged with corruption of a minor if all it was was consensual sex? I am wondering if the one person is 19 and the other is 15 but the 15 year old's parents allowed the relationship, even allowed the 19 year old to move in with 15 year old, what does that fall under?

March 18, at 6: Perhaps 10 conseils pour un bon speed dating other offense in Pennsylvania has created more confusion than Corruption of Minors. May 14, at 9: Use and access to this website or any of the links contained within the site do not create an attorney-client relationship. You should contact your attorney to obtain advice with respect to any particular issue or problem.

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If you really wanted to "treat her good" you'd get out of her life and let her grow up. A conviction for this offense does NOT include sex offender registration. Pennsylvania statutory rape law is violated the de-facto age of consent law in Pennsylvania is actually 18 due to Pennsylvania's corruption of minors statute.

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I have two adopted daughters that are in the juvenile. I think that her letting her daughter date an older man is okay because if she doesn't consent then chances are it will be done behind her back. Jensen Attorneys at Law can provide you with valuable information and a strong defense. I had the facts and I presented them to my ex-landlord and she folded and returned my deposit. I did my research and found out he could get charged with corruption of minors which one if we have sex and other things.

My son is 16 and the girl he' s seeing is Tina Lawyer 8, satisfied customers. I know I have a bad habit of posting comments on old web pages, but this looked like the most helpful place I could find to answer my question.

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My daughter is 16, and is seeing a 19 year old man. Your son did not commit a sexual crime because the girlfriend was 16 years of age or older and it was consensual. March 23, at 8: Is there any way I could get in trouble for that?

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